Cooler for small cold rooms

Kelvion KCC/KCB

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The smart way of saving energy. The EC motors in the Kelvion KCC/KCB are just as compact as conventional AC shaded pole motors, yet considerably more intelligent, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.The extra cost of the EC fan has paid for itself already after only 9 ½ months. From this point on you will be saving money, compared to the conventional AC motor.


  • The compact Kelvion KCC/KCB is primarily designed for ensuring the quality cooling of packed and open goods.
  • Drip trays can be specified with horizontal or vertical drain.
  • High-grade powder coated coil and casing offer best corrosion protection.
  • An integrated air baffle plate ensures optimal airflow.
  • Drip trays can be hinged to give access to the bottom for cleaning or maintenance.
  • With its low silhouette and the horizontal condensate drain you get the most out of your cold room space.
  • Large cooling surfaces and short defrosting times offer maximum cooling quality.

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  • Straightforward mounting
  • Space-saving
  • Best air guidance
  • Standard with EC Technology

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