Oil Cooling System: Transformer Oil Air Coolers

In different mounting Variants

Our range of transformer oil air coolers for forced oil cooling systems can be supplied in different mounting variants. The standard air cooler version is designed for direct mounting on the transformer tank. In addition, our range of products comprises free-standing transformer oil coolers designed to customer specifications.

Kelvion TOAC Smart
Kelvion TOAC Smart
Kelvion TOAC Advanced
Kelvion TOAC Advanced
Kelvion TOAC Premium
Kelvion TOAC Premium

Transformer oil air coolers are available in different design versions.

The Kelvion TOAC Smart:
This version is optimized for lowest production costs to meet requirements for standard projects.

The Kelvion TOAC Advanced:
A cooler variant for low production costs due to modular build up. Designed to meet standard projects requirements and some additional specifications.

The Kelvion TOAC Premium:
For more than 80 years, we have manufactured transformer oil air coolers of galvanized steel construction. The key component of this cooler type is the proven elliptical finned tube. Individual designed for highest quality, stability and longest lifetime to meet the most complex project requirements.

  • Compact construction
  • Optimized heat transfer capabilities due to optimized tube bundle
  • Material selection according to specific requirements
  • Long service life
  • 100% flushed with heated transformer oil, particles monitored
  • Low air-side pressure loss due to elliptical finned tube
  • Excellent corrosion protection due to hot-dip galvanized coating
  • Longest service life
  • Durable bond between the fin and core tube
  • Easy to clean due to robust, hot-dip galvanized steel fins
  • Welded design without gaskets and risk of oil leakages
  • 100% flushed with heated transformer oil, particles monitored


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