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11. September 2013 GEA Heat Exchangers at WEFTEC®, the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference, October 5-9, 2013, McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois (USA), booth 617

GEA 2H BIOdek® Vertical Flow Fill
GEA 2H BIOdek® Vertical Flow Fill
GEA 2H TUBEdek® lamellas
GEA 2H TUBEdek® lamellas

GEA 2H BIOdek® Fills
The foils for the BIOdek® fills are extruded directly from the molten mass, free from stress and with uniform finish. The unique welding process developed to assemble the PP foils into blocks provides an environmentally friendly solution eliminating the need for harmful solvents. The foils are manufactured in a range of flute sizes such that once the blocks are assembled, different specific surface areas are available to provide efficient treatment for BOD and Ammonia reduction, whilst preventing any fouling from the suspended solids in the influent.

GEA 2H TUBEdek® Lamella Clarifiers
TUBEdek® lamellas are available in both PP and PVC profiles in tongue and groove format. This allows for simple assembly which can be done at site if necessary, reducing transport. Once assembled, the modules are easy to install. The modules are usually assembled at a 60 degree angle to provide optimum laminar flow. This encourages the most efficient separation of the solids from the incoming water. A range of sizes is available to best match the TUBEdek® to the level of settleable solids present in the water.

GEA 2H GEOdek® infiltration boxes
GEOdek® media is assembled and supplied specifically for Storm Water attenuation and Soakaway applications. Where natural rainwater run-off has been affected by development such as new buildings, GEOdek® is supplied to be installed below ground. With >96% void, the blocks provide storage of water so that once the rain water event has passed, the stored water can be released to the drains or allowed to soak away. The GEOdek® is supplied in a range of types to suit the depth of installation and the use of the ground above e.g. pedestrian, car parking etc.

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