GEA Multi-DENCO® wins China Data Center Product Application Award

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03. December 2014 On November 28, 2014, GEA Heat Exchangers received the China Data Center Product Application Award 2014 for its GEA Multi-DENCO® close-control precision climate-control system. Award of this prize took place within the context of the Industrial Sector Forum conducted in Beijing by the China Data Centre Committee (CDCC), the member of Communication Committee of China Engineering Construction Standardization (CECS).

GEA Air Shower
GEA Air Shower
GEA Air Shower
GEA Air Shower

Several hundred experts took part in this forum, including end-user customers, consultants, subcontractors, manufacturers, and media representatives. The jury presented awards to 40 pioneering products for computer centers, and 20 awards to data center projects. The investigation and evaluation period took place from March until October and was held by the investigation board which consists of 83 data center experts.
Renewable energies, heat recovery, and energy-efficient cooling – i.e., for overall reductions in energy consumption – these are the topics that play a major role on the Chinese market for computer centers. The jury accordingly focused its attention on these aspects during its evaluation of the products and projects under consideration for its awards.

GEA Multi-DENCO units can provide up to 150 kW of cooling within seven different casing sizes. Although predominantly designed to address the needs of a data center, GEA Multi-DENCO can also be highly effectively used in production facilities, computer and telecom rooms, laboratories, libraries, and even museums. Its key benefit is its superior ability to control both temperature and humidity to create the ideal climate for the objects within its controlled area. GEA Multi-DENCO is available in various versions. Version A operates with inverter compressors in the indoor unit. When reduction in noise or refrigerant charge is required by the customer, the compressors can be located in an outdoor unit, and the installed model is version X, with outdoor compressors. Version C operates with chilled water to provide cool air.

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