Powerful, discreet, and hygienic: GEA HyPower-Geko® duct fan coil units

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12. March 2015 With its GEA HyPower-Geko® models, GEA Heat Exchangers offers particularly powerful duct fan coil units. These units can ventilate, heat or cool as required and feature maximum cooling duty up to 25 kW, and heating duty up to 50 kW.

Powerful, discreet, and hygienic: GEA HyPower-Geko® duct fan coil units
Powerful, discreet, and hygienic: GEA HyPower-Geko® duct fan coil units

The EC fans, installed as standard features, contribute to cost-effective operation by allowing infinitely variable and demand-controlled settings for fan speed. The condensate pump implements the rotative membrane-pump principle and operates quietly, exceptionally efficiently, and without vibration. With these characteristics, GEA HyPower-Geko® duct fan coil units satisfy the strict stipulations of Eurovent Efficiency Class A.

Clean performance and hygienic unit characteristics
GEA HyPower-Geko® models are available in three variants: without fan casing, with fan casing, and with fan casing with acoustic insulation. The models with fan casings, as well as the associated duct components, conform to the hygiene stipulations of Directive VDI 6022. These models have obtained the required certificates from the Hygiene Institute of the Ruhr Area. In design of these units, emphasis was placed, in addition to hygiene aspects, on good access for maintenance work. For example, the condensate tray can swivel open downward for service, and the fans are easily accessible owing to the large service hatch provided.

Pressure-stable up to 150 Pa
The modular design of GEA HyPower-Geko® models allows equipment selection in accordance with the user’s needs. For two-tube operation, for example, three capacity stages are available, with up to six tube rows. For the four-tube models, two output ratings are possible. The two-tube version with six tube rows offers 20 kW of cooling duty at 100 Pa and under standard cooling conditions. All models in the GEA HyPower-Geko® series are pressure-stable up to 150 Pa. The units are controlled by GEA MATRIX 3000/4000 modules, which assure energy-optimized operation of the EC fans. As an alternative, a small CET-EC controller can activate the EC fans.

Despite their powerful ratings, the GEA HyPower-Geko® duct fan coil units are quiet in operation. This quiet operation, in addition to their discreet installation above suspended ceilings, makes them especially attractive for use in hotels, restaurants, shops, and medical facilities.

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