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Beer and spirits were already widespread in ancient Egypt. Breweries and distilleries in their present sense have been in operation for around 1,000 years – a long time, during which complex processes have been developed and the joy of drinking beer and spirits have circled the globe.


We now have China as record-holder, with its overall consumption of more than 50 billion liters of beer annually – as well as Africa as an interesting future market. All of this is based on a gigantic, highly industrialized market with yearly international production of almost two billion hectoliters of beer. In a development that began in North America, craft brewers have established an alternative global trend concentrated on craftsmanlike production and exceptional taste variations – including renaissance of the beer can. In the distillation of spirits, there is likewise an increasing number of craft distilleries that, with their great variety of tastes, compete with industrial producers.

The process of brewing beer and distilling spirits is in any case similar – and is above all dependent on extensive temperature and pressure-control facilities. This situation makes efficient energy use a key topic – as are productivity and reliability. Our plate heat exchangers play a major role in industrial as well as craft production – as well as air-cooled heat exchangers and shell-and-tube heat exchangers. They all guarantee maximum cost effectiveness by heat recovery, with convenient operation, as well as gentle product handling and maximum hygiene.


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