Keeping cool - even at high pressures

GBH Series

GBH Series is especially designed to operate consistently in the pressure range of up to 45 bar while offering a maximum variety of circuit possibilities. Operating with the effective non-ozone depleting refrigerant R410A the new GBH range offers an optimized corrugation pattern in the wave fields of the heat exchanger plates as well as further improvements to the inlet and outlet openings.


These brazed plate heat exchangers were specifically designed for the efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant R410a. At pressures up to 45 bar / 653 psi, the heat exchangers of the GBH-Series offer the widest variety and flexibility in terms of size, different connections, flow arrangements and accessories. Equipped with the proven technical features such as Safety ChamberTM, Delta InjectionTM and Full Flow SystemTM heat exchangers of the GBH-Series are ideal for a variety of high-pressure applications in the fields of industry and refrigeration/air-conditioning to serve the highest customer requirements with its diversity.

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Kelvion Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Kelvion Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Kelvion Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Kelvion Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


  • high pressure resistance
  • compact design
  • wide range of applications
  • robust construction

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