Kelvion RF/GF-S Condenser & Gas Cooler

additional benefits of an even higher efficiency coil

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Kelvion has taken the popular RF-SJ, and re-engineered it with a 5mm coil. This will enable those already enjoying the compact solution for commercial refrigeration to get additional benefits of an even higher efficiency coil. This product has been optimized for the capacity range between the RF-D and the larger R/GF condenser.


The RF-S is the condenser series with capacities from 6.4 kW - 183 kW

The GF-S is our gas cooler series with 9.5 kW - 174 kW

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  • Re-engineered with a 5mm coil
  • Optimised thermal performance within a given footprint
  • Profiled side plates and versatile leg arrangements
  • Perfect for CO2 applications
  • CE Marked, PED compliant

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