Kelvion RV/NV/GV-T/L Condenser & Gas Cooler

T and L-profile extends the versatility of the V Profile range

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With its high thermal capacity, robust framework and low noise levels, plus innovative energy-efficient fan sets, the V-Profile is suited to applications ranging from warehouses and cold rooms to food preparation and storage.


The RV-T condenser series with capacities from 13.2 kW - 2150 kW
The NV-T NH3 condenser series with capacities from 23.5 kW - 2286 kW
The GV-T gas cooler series with 12.5 kW - 2035 kW

The RV-L condenser series with capacities from 17.2 kW - 2805 kW
The NV-L NH3 condenser series with capacities from 26.2 kW - 2348 kW
The GV-L gas cooler series with 16.3 kW - 2655 kW


  • Reduced footprint,
  • Lower noise level,
  • Improved capacity density
  • Greatest flexibility through configurable options
  • Coil configurations of 5, 8, 10, and 12 mm
  • Flexible control options
  • CE Marked, PED compliant, UL and Eurovent Certified:

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