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Shell & Tube Double Safety

The product line Double Tube Systems comprises various types of shell-and-tube heat exchangers and skid systems. Our products are designed and manufactured in close cooperation with our customers with our focus on achieving joint success devoted to developing technical improvements.

Kelvion Double Tube Heat Exchanger
Kelvion Double Tube Heat Exchanger
Kelvion Double Tube Heat Exchanger
Kelvion Double Tube Heat Exchanger

Unlike tube bundles of single-wall design, double-tube bundles are provided with two tube sheets at each end. If a tube wall shows a leak, the product flows through fine ducts arranged between the double tubes into the leakage collection space and triggers a check command. However, the second remaining undamaged tube keeps the product separated from the second fluid. The plant operator may continue to run the heat exchanger until the next scheduled maintenance, thus avoiding cost-intensive shutdown times.

An excellent proof of this technology are new safety standards for chemical processing, power producing and gas preheating facilities.

Double-tube heat exchangers, which are available in many different materials, cover a large spectrum of applications.

Our customers can fully focus on developing optimum equipment and process designs. In partnership and close consultation, we optimize the thermo technical equipment in ecological and economic terms, while making sure that all applicable regulations are complied. Our entire range of products is continuously adapted to changing market requirements. In addition, we develop new and future-oriented products, which often incorporate patented improvements in important details.

  • Safe separation of two media in one heat exchanger
  • Fast indentification of leaks
  • Operation without risk for the overall process and/or environment
  • No intermediate circuits needed
  • Wide pressure and temperature application range
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