Plate Heat Exchangers

Kelvion Service

What are we offering our customers as plate heat exchanger specialists? In general, you benefit from the comprehensive scope of services provided by a reputable expert for gasketed, welded and brazed plate heat exchangers – and from a worldwide network of service locations.Inspections, maintenance, reconditioning and improvements are available for all types of brands. In addition, we carry out all regular work such as cleaning of plates and fitting of gaskets.

Kelvion has a wide-ranging know-how based on findings from decades of development work. One result is  tracking down any material fatigue – we have a leakage testing method which can be used as a preventive tightness test. In this process, a special inert gas, able to detect even the most minuscule compromise, is introduced into the closed plate heat exchanger. Please find out more in our downloads.

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