Box Coolers

Service for Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

The Kelvion box coolers are robust and built to last, but the anti-corrosion coatings may degrade over time. This can lead to a buildup of unwanted biological organisms, such as seaweed, algae and bacteria, that will restrict the flow and in turn lowers the thermal performance of the cooler – which affects the operation of equipment connected to the box coolers. The Kelvion refurbishment program will ensure a long service life and high availability. The Service includes sea chest inspections, cleaning, recoating and repairs to keep box coolers running efficiently.

Our Service Portfolio

Start-Up & Onsite Services

  • Commissioning on installation works for box coolers
  • Testing

Spare Parts & Spare Part Solutions

  • Genuine and comprehensive spare part kits
  • Special materials for extreme demands
  • High availability of parts for older units
  • Delivery of all related box cooler parts
  • ICAF system spares

Repairs, Overhauls & Maintenance

  • Complete overhaul or repair
  • Professional repair in workshop
  • Renewal of the external coating/re-coating
  • Assistance to assembly and disassembly, shipping and transport
  • Cleaning of inner and outer side via chemical, ultrasonic and thermal cleaning
  • Extensive damage assessment and elimination
  • Flow measurement on site
  • Supervising on sea chest maintenance, including advise on sacrificial anodes

Upgrades & Replacements

  • Analysis and assessment of performance bottle-necks
  • Fast and efficient service processing
  • Replacement or re-tubing of tube stacks

Monitoring, Consulting & Training

  • Consultancy service that takes into account the special features of the customer process
  • Solutions tailored to customer needs
  • Leakage and pressure test
  • Endoscopic analysis
  • Analysis of cooling water
  • Survey of complete cooling system

Cleaning & recoating of box coolers

While measures to prevent industrial and marine pollution are good news for the environment, they have spurred biological growth which, in turn, has increased the risk of a buildup of unwanted organisms in on-board equipment. Kelvion box coolers are designed to require low maintenance and are less sensitive to fouling. The anti-corrosion coatings will however eventually degrade, this can lead to an increase of biological growth that will clog up the equipment and restrict the proper functioning of the box cooler. By cleaning and recoating the coolers, we can restore the anti-corrosion properties and extend the operational life of the box cooler and the ship’s equipment.

Service Locations Box Cooler

With our network of locations worldwide, we offer maximum and reliable service availability wherever you are and at any time.

South America


Kelvion Ltd. (Service)United Kingdom
Unit 12B Well Spring Close Carlyon Road Industrial Estate
CV9 1HU Atherstone
Kelvion S.A.S. (Service)France
2 rue de l’Electrolyse BP 66
62410 Wingles
Kelvion AB (Service)Sweden
Trångsundsvägen 20
393 56 Kalmar
Kelvion Machine Cooling B.V. (Service)Netherlands
Draaibrugweg 15
1332 AB Almere


Kelvion PTE Ltd. (Service)Malaysia
No 21, Jalan TPP5 Taman Perindustrian Putra
47130 Puchong
Kelvion India Pvt. Ltd.India
Plot No. A 31/32 Phase 04 Chakan Midc, Village Nighoje, Chakan Industrial Area Behind Mahindra And Mahindra
411001 Pune


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