Twice the impact Compactness & Safety

Kelvion has merged its pioneering, market-leading double tube safety technology with its compact fin system to produce the new ComFinSafety heat exchanger. This system offers major advantages for applications requiring high safety levels, combined with a compact design and, crucially, where the media properties are significantly different, such as oil cooling by water.

Since 1974 Kelvion has been developing innovative double tube safety heat exchange technology for industries and applications where preventing media mixing in the event of a leak is critical. They include transformer cooling systems, chemical and gas treatment and machine cooling on board ships and in hydro power plants.

The ComFinSafety systems expands Kelvion’s shell & tube heat exchanger portfolio in terms of cost efficiency and compactness. It is available in both standardized and customized coolers in the product lines Shell & Tube Double Safety and Transformer Cooling Systems (Transformer Oil Water Coolers).


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