CW Tube - HDG

The elliptical fin tube - reinvented

Wherever heat transfer is needed in industrial production processes, the elliptical fin tube has demonstrated its high efficiency in different areas of application.

Expirience, knowledge and precision
We have conducted development work in collaboration with the Westpahlian University of Applied Sciences in Gelsenkirchen, Germay. This collaboration has revealed that the elliptical fin tube still offered room for optimization. With the method of numerical flow simulation (CFD) we have e.g. investigated the effects of innovative turbulators on the fins. The results were validated by wind tunnel measurements. A patent was finalized for the new invention which is called: CW Tube.

Lighter, higher efficinecy and more silent – The CW Tube redefines standards
As a result of reduction in specific air-side pressure drop, while achieving a higher heat transfer coefficient at the same time the CW Tube requires up to 25% less of heat exchnager tubes and up to 30% less electrical power comsuption of the fans. This pays off in many respects: Both investment and operating costs can be saved. In parallel, the environment will be protected by reduction of CO2 and noise emission.
These benefits get together with a higher degree of product reliability, even under extreme conditions.


  • Reduction of power consumption, Material usage, Carbon foorprint, Weight, Noise level
  • Increase of Efficiency, Thermal performance, Solidity, Corrosion resistance, Cleanability

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