Ecoloc gasket system

For easy & reliable fixation and removal

Kelvion gaskets work in perfect combination with our plates to ensure worry free operation. Our chamfered opening allows each gasket to settle into position and also prevents the lock tab from being severed. Gaskets can be easily installed without tools or adhesive and self-seat during closing. It takes just seconds to replace a gasket, making maintenance quick and easy.

As the worldwide technology leader in the manufacture and development of plate heat exchangers, Kelvion has one of the most extensive product ranges on the market. Our product diversity varies from gasketed to brazed and even welded plate heat exchangers. This includes process-optimized series that are unique in their number and special functions. This makes us absolute specialists when it comes to developing tailor-made solutions for your applications. At Kelvion, we invest extensively in research and development. This enables us to continuously usher in next generation efficient plate technologies for new fields of application.



  • Easy fixation and removal
  • Reduced gasket replacement time
  • Reduced production downtime

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