Free Flow Corrugation

treatment of difficult media that go beyond the capabilities

At Kelvion we are one of the few manufacturers that also offer a plate series with real free flow corrugation. While for herringbone plate series the key focus lies on efficiency and pressure resistance, here it’s the treatment of difficult media (e.g. with fibers) that go beyond the capabilities of herringbone plate pack. Plates with this corrugation form free flow channels of constant width and without contact points. But, thanks to the gentle corrugation waves, they are more efficient and show less fouling than e.g. shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

As the worldwide technology leader in the manufacture and development of plate heat exchangers, Kelvion has one of the most extensive product ranges on the market. Our product diversity varies from gasketed to brazed and even welded plate heat exchangers. This includes process-optimized series that are unique in their number and special functions. This makes us absolute specialists when it comes to developing tailor-made solutions for your applications. At Kelvion, we invest extensively in research and development. This enables us to continuously usher in next generation efficient plate technologies for new fields of application.



  • Real Free Flow gap
  • Without contact points
  • Constant gap width
  • For media containing particles and fibers
  • Extended uptime between cleaning ensures maximum production time
  • Highly efficient heat transfer
  • Gentle treatment and even distribution of the media ensures highest possible product output quality.

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