Ultra-low temperatures

Engineered customized solutions

From medical laboratories to food storage, keeping deep freeze areas at precise ultra-low temperatures is essential.

For fish, in particular, stringent requirements apply to suppliers, buyers and restaurants. It must be frozen at –20°C for  24 hours or –35°C for 15 hours, to kill off certain parasites.

Deep freezing in medical and laboratory applications, such as the preservation of blood, always provides a challenge. Because human lives depend on the quality of blood plasma, in particular cases it is critical that the room temperature remains at a steady -60 °C or colder.

Good ventilation is crucial for keeping the temperature distribution in the frozen storage area as uniform and consistent as possible. It is also a challenge due to human behavior. It’s impossible to plan when and how often someone will enter a deep freeze area, especially in medical and laboratory environments. Every time the door is opened and every second that it stays open, warmth and, more importantly, moisture, enter. The moisture condenses on the surface of the Air Cooler and reduces the refrigeration capacity.

The cooler must then be defrosted as quickly as possible to prevent strong temperature fluctuations and the heat it generates should be kept from entering the room.

Customised air cooler portfolio can be engineered with the following options:

  • Ultra-low temperature variants
  • Cleanable construction
  • UVC light integration available
  • Food safe coil coating KºCoat
  • Stainless steel tube, fins and casework

  • Reliable long term storage for low temperatures
  • Steady temperatures at -60°C or colder
  • Low temperature application expertise since decades
  • Very precise ventilation
  • Specialised knowledge to adapt material characteristics to this temperature range
  • Tried and tested suitable accessories

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