UVC Disinfection

The number of hygiene conditions is on the increase

In the food industry, optimal industrial hygiene is crucial for a consistently high quality and long durability. Because of microorganisms in the air, on work surfaces and in packaging, even the cleanest foodstuffs can become contaminated with bacteria during production. Legislators are introducing tougher checks, but are imposing more and more limits on the permitted ways of meeting them.

UVC disinfection in food production means round-the-clock hygiene. Treating a coil block fin surface with UVC destroys bacteria before they colonize your products and ensures that quality is consistent throughout the whole working day. UVC fin surface treatment on our customized air coolers enables residual free measures to be taken against bacteria as soon as they arise. Due to UVC radiation a slight discoloration is possible on spray painted surfaces.


  • UV-C light integration available since 2018
  • Tried and tested technology on our customized aircoolers
  • Optional availability on Kelvion customized air coolers on request.
  • UVC to reduce airborne particles, viruses, bacteria and germs
  • Round-the-clock hygiene of the coil block surface
  • Low energy costs through efficient ballasts
  • Free from  chemicals and residue
  • Shatterproof lamps according to HACCP and IFS standard
  • Operating temperature 0 - 40°C
  • UVC treatment ensures a hygienic surface
  • IP67 protected

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