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Kelvion´s ESG initiative

The health of our employees is one of our top priorities. All of them should be able to work in a safe environment and remain healthy. Our vision is clear: we continue to pursue our zero-accident strategy to eliminate the number of accidents and ensuring safe conditions and acts. Kelvion is committed to ensuring appropriate workplaces, implementing ideas for improvements and monitoring their effect continuously. 


Our ESG strategy aims to create a responsible company culture and an inspiring work environment. This also includes diversity and inclusion on all company levels. We make a clear statement: our employees are the highest good and we treat everyone equally. Diversity & Inclusion Management is a fixed part of our HR policy and we reject any kind of discrimination. Appropriate programs to ensure this mindset worldwide, such as the Whistle Blower Policy, are in place.

Fairness First

Companies such as Kelvion that are internationally active are obliged to conform to internationally accepted conventions: of social, political, and legal nature. Our corporate code of conduct describes the principles and procedures behind our corporate actions. This code applies to all our employees worldwide. We ensure compliance with the regulations in a working environment that is characterized by integrity, respect, fairness, and responsibility.

We respect and observe the law.
The basis for all action at Kelvion is the observation of all applicable laws and other regulations. We supplement these rules with especially designed, particularly strict internal guidelines and training with regard to certain aspects of the law.

We act internationally.
We strictly observe as binding the statutory regulations that apply to our products and services involved in international commerce. We observe all applicable bans on exports and imports and observe all official authorization procedures.

We wholly reject corruption.
We reject any type of commercial corruption, both domestically and on foreign markets. In order to underline this fact, we have drawn up our own anti-corruption guidelines that enforce rules of proper conduct to which we adhere at all times. These rules apply both in our dealings with officials and with the bodies and employees of other companies.

We support fair competition.
In a spirit of fair competition, we work hard, orient this work to our customers’ needs and ensure the quality of our products and services. We observe all applicable domestic, supranational, and foreign anti-trust laws as well as any laws pertaining to unfair competition. We also expect this level of fairness from our competitors.

We ensure socially acceptable working conditions.
We are committed to the principles of social responsibility towards our employees and society. We offer our employees fair working conditions worldwide. We reject any form of discrimination, with respect to gender, sexual orientation, origin, skin color, or any other personal characteristics. We see ourselves as a socially responsible employer that treats its employees with respect.

We protect the environment.
From development, to manufacturing, and to the sale of our products, we protect the environment throughout each of these phases. This principle applies not only to the energy we employ, but also to the protection of our natural environment at every workplace worldwide.

We ensure product safety.
For our customers, we develop innovative, high-quality products and processes – and product safety enjoys top priority.

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