Data Center / Hyperscale

Adiabatic System for Cambridgeshire Data Center

Ticking all the boxes for data center cooling: Reliability, performance guaranteed by a factory acceptance test (FAT), no recirculation issues and coils free from contamination comprised the shopping list of requirements when a data center in Cambridgeshire, UK sought to replace dry air coolers. Kelvion technology and know-how ticked all the boxes.

Operational issues
We supplied nine flat-bed dry air coolers to handle rejection from the CRAC (computer room air conditioning) units.  The coolers that they replaced had issues with recirculation and there was a problem of the coils becoming blocked by leaves and pollen.

The work was phase three of an upgrade and, as the client had installed Kelvion equipment in the earlier phases, they were happy for us to supply the new air coolers.

Tailor-made solution
Our engineers in Fareham, UK designed a robust bespoke hood with removable panels to allow access to the individual fans. They also provided an adiabatic system and special mesh to keep the pollen and leaf build up to a minimum.

Importantly we were able to provide an FAT for each unit, to tight performance tolerances, thus guaranteeing a robust and reliable performance.

The result
By working closely as a team with the customer and their contractor and consultant, we were able to devise a solution that resolved the operational issues successfully.

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