Automotive Seating Company

New economizers boost heat transfer. An automotive seating company needed to replace two Kelvion economizers at its fabric manufacturing plant in France. The equipment was 15 years old and had started to leak due to corrosion.

Turn-key solution
As the customer was satisfied with the economizers’ performance in recovering energy to pre-heat water at the plant’s steam boiler, they were happy to choose Kelvion to supply and install the replacements.
Also, we offered a turn-key solution and the CEE Premium. CEE stands for creative, economical and environmental. It is a government bonus scheme that supports investment in energy recovery.
Our service team removed the old economizers and installed the new ones – a tricky process which involved removing two chimneys from the roof with a special crane in order to gain access.

The result
The team completed the work on schedule and the customer is benefitting from the new economizers’ superior heat transfer properties.

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