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Düsseldorf’s new Fortuna natural gas power plant

Climate-neutral city: When Düsseldorf meets this major objective in 2050, we at Kelvion will have made a major contribution towards achieving it – with a range of solutions installed in Düsseldorf’s new Fortuna natural gas power plant, located in Lausward.

Kelvion References Power Plant Düsseldorf

This power plant generates climate-compatible electricity and heat using natural gas. Fuel utilization efficiency lies at 85 percent due to the simultaneous generation of power and district heat by the CHP cogeneration process. For this reason, the district heat generated by the Fortuna unit is classified as primary energy factor 0 and is therefore legally equivalent to renewable sources of energy in terms of carbon emissions. The heart of the power plant is a gas turbine, which serves as a source of heat for a waste heat boiler that generates the steam that powers the steam turbine. A generator that produces electricity is installed between the gas and the steam turbines. The steam turbine and the connecting tubes feed the steam to the condensers of the district heat system via multiple extraction stages. The design of the steam turbine has been adapted to maximize the use of the steam generated with extremely low power losses.

The result has delighted our customer, the Düsseldorf urban utility company, as well as all of the industrial partners involved in the construction project. With an electrical output of around 595 megawatts and an effectiveness of more than 61 percent in terms of pure electricity generated, the Fortuna Unit is set to break world records. With the use of the existing heating energy for the city’s district heating network, Düsseldorf is attempting to break a further world record. Never before have 300 megawatts of district heat been generated from one single power plant unit using only one single gas turbine. The new unit of the Lausward power plant can therefore achieve an overall utilization efficiency level of 85 percent in winter.

Kelvion References Power Plant Düsseldorf
Kelvion References Power Plant Düsseldorf

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