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Kelvion systems the cool choice for German media group: Lighter products and faster delivery, together with many years’ experience in providing quality cooling equipment convinced German Media Group with various entertainment brands under one roof to choose Kelvion dry coolers for their new employee campus.

Adiabatic PAD design
Well-received by the customer was a presentation about our adiabatic PAD design and its advantages.

We are supplying a total of 15 dry coolers. Ten of these – six for the air conditioning system and four for the data center – are equipped with our leading adiabatic PAD system. This uses the energy from water evaporation to cool the incoming air. The result is a low brine outlet temperature even at high ambient temperatures.

The remaining five dry coolers will be used to cool the diesel engine in the emergency power supply.

Flown in
In comparison to competitors, our dry coolers were lighter, with lower roof loads, and could be delivered to the site quickly. Two units were flown onto the rooftop by helicopter, the remaining units were lifted by a crane. Coordinating delivery to fit in with the progress of construction was crucial.

Kelvion is also supplying gasketed brazed plate heat exchangers for building services. These are being delivered by road.

The result
Teamwork between Kelvion engineers in Germany, Poland and the UK is ensuring that the project is on schedule. The coolers will be commissioned and tested in December with handover to the customer set for summer 2022.

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