Kelvion K°Bloc for Sibur-Khimprom

Kelvion welded plate heat exchangers as part of a performance improvement program at Sibur-Khimprom: Sibur-Khimprom JSC specializes in processing liquid hydrocarbons and is one of the leading Russian producers of a number of the most important petrochemical products. These are: butyl alcohols and 2-ethylhexanol (capacity of 160,000 tons per year); ethylbenzene (capacity 220,000 tons per year), styrene (capacity 135,000 tons per year) and polystyrene (100,000 tons per year); ethylene and propylene; and DOTP ecological plasticizer (100,000 tons per year).

Under the efficiency improvement program, the previously installed shell and tube heat exchangers were replaced with Kelvion  K°Bloc welded plate heat exchangers for the production of ethylbenzene, styrene and polystyrene in 2017.

The result is increased efficiency of vapor condensation due to enhanced throughput capability. In addition, replacing  ethylene glycol with circulating water as the coolant carrier has led to  reduced power consumption.

K°Bloc heat exchangers, installed at the site, operate correctly and provide the necessary operating parameters, thus ensuring the efficiency of the whole plant.

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