Premium Master LLC

Sweet on energy-efficient cooling. Food distributer Sweet Life LLC takes pride in using the best and most modern equipment in its warehouses. Which is why Kelvion cooling technology was chosen for one of its new facilities.

Optimal choice
Our cubic air coolers with hot freon steam defrosting have become the optimal choice for low temperature ice cream warehouses.

Sweet Life is the largest distributor of foods in the Volga Federal district in Russia and has more than 68.000 square meters of warehouses equipped with the most modern systems. Premium Master LLC, which supplies, installs and maintains refrigeration, ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems, proposed an energy-efficient solution for the Sweet Life logistics center, based around a Kelvion air cooler.

Our cubic air coolers have a reputation for reliability and meet all modern requirements. This was confirmed by the facility’s maintenance service which stated that the equipment was performing well.

The result
Following the success of this project Kelvion will be supplying air coolers for the next phase of the logistics center.

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