Cooling Systems for Data Center

Efficient cooling & heat rejections methods

Data centers house all of your company’s vital information and run your most critical processes. The computers and servers they contain have a low tolerance to changes in temperature and humidity. If too dry, the sensitive equipment may be damaged from electrostatic discharge (ESD). On the other hand, if it’s too wet, there is a risk of corrosion. Our advanced heat transfer technology can safeguard your data centers and maintain your peace of mind.

Data Center

Data center temperatures vary depending on the servers and type of cooling system, but temperature swings outside ASHRAE or design standards could have serious performance implications. Downtime at data centers is potentially catastrophic and every precaution should be taken to eliminate, or at least minimize, this threat. Therefore, it is essential that data centers are equipped with efficient and reliable cooling equipment. 

We offer a wide range of energy efficient cooling and heat rejections methods specifically designed to solve today’s most demanding heat transfer challenges, including immersion cooling. We design and manufacture various products for free cooling, or cooling without the aid of a compressor (mechanical cooling), specifically designed for lower power usage effectiveness (PUE) while maintaining reliability. We offer Eurovent certification for refrigeration and dry cooler air products, AHRI Standard 400 for gasketed plate and frame, and CTI certification for cooling towers. These standards ensure peak performance of your cooling system.

Kelvion understands the challenges and advantages posed by immersive cooling technology, including viscosity of the fluids, redundancy and material compatibility for the cooling system. We ensure that the materials we use are suited to the properties of the heat transfer fluid.

By selecting the right cooling solutions we can help customers to reduce redundancy costs, and boost both power usage and water usage effectiveness. We can provide plate heat exchanger technology to suit the application. Brazed heat exchangers are ideal for smaller loads and allow each tank to have its own unit, so that there is no single point of failure. For larger loads, we recommend gasketed plate heat exchangers which have the flexibility to adapt to different loads. They combine high efficiency with low operating costs, are easy to maintain and are a reliable and efficient solution to isolate the server loop from the water loop. 

Our solution for liquid based cooling range from Plate Heat Exchangers, Custom Air Coils, Dielectric Pumps to Dielectric Mobile Air Coolers.

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