Cooling Systems for refrigerated Display Cases & Bar Counters

Highly efficient heat transfer and best air flow

As well as providing a showcase for a wide range of beverages, and fresh packaged foods, refrigerated display cabinets as well as refrigerated bar counters perform the essential role of keeping the contents cool and preserving their quality.

Display Cases & Bar Counters

Stringent regulations however apply to food, not only during production but also during supply and when in storage. To ensure beverages are refreshing for guests to enjoy, the bottles or vats in the beverage counters are generally kept at a temperature of +6 °C. Cooking ingredients, however, often demand temperatures between +2 °C and -20 °C. In both cases, the decisive criterion is the storage temperature which must be maintained at the required value. The cooling requirements especially in the food service area are fastidious. High ambient temperatures and doors which are opened and closed often pose great challenges to refrigeration systems. Highly efficient heat transfer and best air flow in refrigeration units and counters are therefore decisive in terms of effectiveness and assured cooling.

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