Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

The benchmark of efficiency

Heat Exchange as a Service

Our gasketed plate heat exchangers combine passion, scientific curiosity and technological expertise. The facts: High efficiency at low operating costs and greater application possibilities with lower investment costs. Our efforts to continuously develop the gasketed plate heat exchangers series further, aim to meet your thermodynamic and fluid-dynamic performance needs and ensure maximum economic efficiency. Our wide range of plate corrugations, connection sizes, plate lengths and widths enable an ideal configuration according to your exact requirements. Additionally, our gasketed plate heat exchangers come with a maintenance-friendly assembly and sealing technology, ensuring low service and maintenance costs.

In addition to the standard applications, our gasketed plate heat exchangers are also suitable for:

  • critical and aggressive media
  • fiber and liquid media which contain solids (e.g., in the sugar and paper industry)
  • high viscosity media (e.g., dairy and other food products)
  • healthy drinking water treatment and purification
  • safe cooling for power plants with river or seawater
  • demanding climate control solutions (e.g., for data centers)
  • condensation or evaporation (for example in refrigeration, sugar or chemical industries)
  • standard liquid/liquid applications (e.g. in building services)

Our heat exchanger specialists are happy to make a thermodynamic calculation and design draft of the appropriate apparatus for your application. Contact our distribution team with their in-depth know-how about processes and products or our expert specialists for a comprehensive heat exchanger consultation.

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