Air Cooled Condenser ALEX

Aluminium Fin Steel Tube System

The ALEX system consists of an aluminium coated steel flat duct. Aluminium finnings between the flat ducts are hard-soldered to the aluminium coating of the flat duct. The solder fills the gap between the fin root and the core tube completely to achieve excellent heat transfer properties.

Kelvion Air Cooled Condenser
Kelvion Air Cooled Condenser
Kelvion Air Cooled Condenser ALEX
Kelvion Air Cooled Condenser ALEX
  • Optimal use of the complete cooling surface as no-flow regions are avoided
  • The fin tubes are not sensitive to fouling and, if necessary, easily cleaned with high-pressure water or compressed air
  • The weight of an aluminum fin tube bundle is no more than one third of the weight of an equivalent galvanized steel fin tube bundle. The outcome is a reduction of weight in steel construction.
  • A life span of over 25 years confirmed by corrosion tests


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