Charge Air Coolers

New challanges sustainably mastered

For centuries we have been a leader in the development and manufacture of charge air coolers for combustion engines. Installed on thousands of diesel and gas engines these coolers are well known throughout the world for their excellent performance and reliability.

Kelvion Charge Air Cooler
Kelvion Charge Air Cooler
Kelvion Charge Air Cooler
Kelvion Charge Air Cooler

We enjoy long-term collaboration with world-famous engine manufacturers and licensors for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. These collaborations have led to a substantial database of charge air cooler designs for different gas and diesel engine types.

Our global footprint with sales agents all over the world and productions in Europe, Asia and South America guarentee our customers world wide service and technical support for all questions in combination with charge air coolers.

Combining our experiences enables us - in close collaboration with engine manufacturers and plant-systems contractors - to develop dedicated, customer-oriented, and economical concepts for optimization of the complete charge-air modules on an engine. As result of the use of special materials, advanced coating technology, and new finned-tube systems, application of charge air coolers is also effective in engines that burn biogas and other special gas fuels

  • Safety under extreme conditions
  • Compact design - low weight and small space requirements
  • Simple installation thanks to plug and play
  • Maximum process efficiency and availability
  • Conformity with the strict regulations for gas engines
  • Minimized fouling at the gas-side cooling surface
  • Finned-tube configuration and fin geometry optimized by CFD
  • Embossed and especially designed structures on the fin surface for effectively guiding the air flow through the heat exchanger
  • Contribution of virtually the entire surface to the heat-transfer process


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