Polacel Evaporative cooling tower CMDIF Series

water cooling, heat transfer, heat rejection & counter flow

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Polacel CMDIF Cooling towers with FRP frame are designed to cool low to medium water flows. The modular range Polacel CMDIF can meet easily most cooling needs and to all constraints in terms of space, whether for a new project or for an adaptation to an existing basin when replacing an existing tower. Polacel CMDIF cooling towers can be installed independently, one beside the other (in-line configuration) or in a back to back configuration. The thermal performance of these cooling towers is optimal and operation is effective. Because they can recycle about 95% of the cooled water, the Polacel CMDIF cooling towers represent the best solution for the preservation of the environment.

Kelvion Modular Cooling Tower CMDI
Kelvion Modular Cooling Tower CMDI
Kelvion Modular Cooling Tower CMDI
Kelvion Modular Cooling Tower CMDI

Selecting a cooling tower
The water temperatures (hot water in and cold water out), the wet bulb temperature of the site of installation, the required water flow and the noise level are the 4 major factors in order to select a wet cooling tower. After analyzing your needs, we will propose the most appropriate technical and economic solution.There are Polacel CMDIF standard solutions for every need starting from a water flow to cool of 500 m3/h. Our engineers can also make special adaptations of the standard cooling towers in order to meet the most specific of your needs.The various type of available heat exchange surfaces allows us to select a suitable fill whether of the "film" type or of the "splash" type . The heat exchange fill is chosen according to the quality of water to be cooled (clean or highly polluted water), but also depending on the specific environment of the site and considering to the process to be cooled. In all cases, a chemical treatment of the cooling water is required. This shall be implemented by a specialized company based on the maximum concentration values ​​advocated by Kelvion.

  • Wide range from any water flow above 500 m3/h allowing a sizing of the cooling towers the closest to the required capacity,
  • Specific design for each application or environnement (wind, seismic zone)
  • Maintenance and reduced power consumption.
  • Maximum efficiency throughout the life of the cooling tower.
  • Components and materials of superior quality that meet our strictest standards.
  • Effective project management.


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