Energy Modular Radiators

Solutions for smooth continous Operation

Energy Modular Compact Radiators (EMCR), top quality products with competitive price and short delivery times, offer an improved product range developed to match the technical requirements of the main players in the large diesel-engine market. With a basis of 40 years of successful application, even more-advanced technologies now ensure reliable performance in heat transfer and ventilation, with efficiency similar to that of Customized Compact Radiators.

Kelvion Energy Modular Radiator
Kelvion Energy Modular Radiator

The product range uses horizontal induced-draft design, with single- or double-bank configuration (HT/LT). EMCR are modular compact products made of pre-specified components that are assembled according to analysis by design software. They are completely assembled and tested in the factory before delivery. All components are standard items, and outsourced repetition with a long delivery time are put on stock to ensure ad-hoc availability. Only a limited range of outsourced components (fans, motors, etc.) have been selected; they ensure, however, price worthiness based on ordering large quantities of similar components.

The high modularity of the product ensures sizing as close as possible to the customer's needs. Internal manufacturing allows a maximum of flexibility. a wide veriety of dimensions is available, with two widths and over 60 different lengths.

  • Improved product dedicated to large diesel-engine power plants
  • Possibility of horizontal and induced-draft configurations, with single- or double-Banks
  • Range with pre-defined components, offering thousands of models created with the aid of modular compact design
  • High cooling capacity (>2.5 MW)
  • Large selection of accessories


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