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Goedhart DRR

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The Goedhart DRR is a new customized industrial range of dual discharge ceiling mounted air coolers. The ideal solution for large production and working areas such as slaughterhouses and dairies. The unit is also suited for keeping sensitive products cool. The flat, ceiling mounted design ensures optimal utilisation of space and perfect distribution of cool air.

Kelvion Goedhart Customized Air Cooler DRR
Kelvion Goedhart Customized Air Cooler DRR
Kelvion Goedhart Customized Air Cooler DRR
Kelvion Goedhart Customized Air Cooler DRR

The Goedhart DRR series is part of our customized series. The advantage: A very high degree of customization is evident. Circuits matched to application give great performance and the optimized heat exchanger geometry have a greater specific output of the heat exchanger. This High Performance Air cooler is available for both air flow directions (draw-through and blow-through). As a result, the Goedhart DRR can be flexibly and effectively designed for individual refrigeration requirements – especially for complex applications.

Radial fans are used for an optimum airflow and evenly divided airflow over the heat exchanger. The radial fans are extremely quiet running, have high corrosion resistance and are compatible of AC and EC-technology. The standard design includes improved hinged drip trays. They prevent splashing out of moisture frome the air cooler. To meet the stringent hygiene requirements, the Goedhart DRR is quick and easy to clean.

The suspension brackets for ceiling mounting are positioned outside the air flow, to prevent air obstruction.

Air is discharged evenly on both sides of the air cooler. When mounted in the centre of the room or between suspension rails, the unit provides air circulation on both sides, resulting in a homogeneous room climate and uniform cooling of the products.

The pleasing design give a new dimension in the working rooms.

  • Simple to clean by easy and full access to the interior
  • Internally enhanced copper tubes for a better heat Transfer
  • Low noise for comfortable working conditions
  • Improved drip tray construction: preventing splash out of moisture from the air cooler
  • Radial fans are used for an optimum airflow and evenly divided airflow over the heat exchanger
  • Best performance by optimizing circuiting for design conditions
  • Kelvion DR-Radion is a new customized range
  • The compact build air cooler design gives an efficient use of the cold room space
  • Latest radial fan technology with perfectly matched components, extremely quiet running with optimized impeller air flow, ERP conformity, high corrosion resistance, mechanical compatibility of AC and EC-technology
Technical data
Engineering levelCustomized products
ApplicationCooling and working rooms (+20°C to -10°C)
Number of types18
Capacities NH37 - 82 kW (NH3 pump System - SC2)
Capacities CO28 - 63 kW (CO2 dx - SC2)
Capacities Coolant9 - 97 kW (E-glycol 37% tl1=5°C tin=-7°C tout=-4°C)
Fan diameter500 and 630 mm
Max. number of fans each aircooler4
SuitableNH3/CO2/H(C)FC pump System and DE System and the most coolants
Coil execution
Tube pitchsquare
Fin spacing4 and 7 mm
Tube materialStainless steel o.d. 15 mm
Fin materialAluminum
MountingConstruction for ceiling mounting. The flush mounting protects against and prevents accumulation of dust and dirt
Sheet materialCasing material of galvanized sheet steel
FinishingStandard white epoxy spray
Connection/Header sideProjection by removable end covers, easy removed for maintenance
Drip trayHinged
FastenersStainless steel
Fixing defrostDefrost by hot gas spiral or electric defrost elements will be fixed to the bottom side of the coil

  • Blow-through  
  • Electrical defrost      
  • Hot gas defrost      
  • Water defrost   
  • Secondary defrost    
  • Anti-condensation heating drip tray   
  • Insulated drip tray
  • Insulated fan plate
  • Polyester drip tray    

  • 60Hz Fans
  • EC Fans
  • 1 Phase Fans
  • Coolants
  • DE System
  • CO2
  • Vertical Connections
  • Other casing materials
  • Other fin spacings
  • Almg fins
  • Goldlack fins


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