Co-Current Closed Circuit Evaporative Cooling Towers

Innovative waste water cooling solutions

The new Kelvion TUNDRACEL Co-Current Closed Circuit Evaporative Cooling Tower offers a premium quality waste water cooling solution that will boost heat transfer efficiency, while using less energy and water. Plate heat exchangers, cooling towers and dry coolers, in stainless steel designs or with adiabatic cooling, have proven to be efficient solutions for the cooling of process water and also for energy recovery.


Depending on the temperature difference between the water outlet and the ambient temperature, the given air humidity and the process fluid temperature, Kelvion, as an experienced technology leader for process cooling, offers both individual components and efficient system solutions.

TUNDRACEL, the latest innovation in the Kelvion portfolio, uses evaporative cooling to remove heat from a process stream. It is ideal for a wide range of heavy duty industries, including Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, and Power.

With the co-current closed circuit technology, the air helps to spread the water evenly over the entire surface of the tubes, thereby reducing scaling and fouling. As a result, electricity consumption is lower, reducing your environmental footprint and increasing production capacity.

Water costs are significantly lower with the TUNDRACEL, compared to the conventional cooling tower/PHE solutions, as it operates at high concentration cycles. This increases the number of times water can be reused. Also, our technology is designed to work with water of poor quality, such as blowdown water from a cooling tower, treated waste streams, plant effluent and even sea water, as make-up water.

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  • customizable
  • more compact
  • easy to maintain

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