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We have a broad range of aluminum Charge Air Coolers catering to the mobile and stationary diesel engine marketplace, with a variety of surfaces that can be employed to meet specific customer requirements.


Products cover both custom designed OEM configurations and a range of replacement units for the heavy duty aftermarket. 

We have a remote-mount Brazed Aluminum Charge-Air-Cooler (RCAC) product that is very applicable for remote mount applications in the field.  Suitable for high pressure (100 psi) as encountered with rads on roofs and engines in basements.  Must be used with clean 50/50 EG/H2O (ideally suited for closed-loop remote radiators). Typically cost effective for large engines (>1,000 hp).  We are the industry leading choice when it comes to charge air coolers.

We have Charge-Air-Coolers for many heavy duty diesel engine applications. Please visit our Aftermarket Catalog to browse our wide range of Charge Air Coolers

Our remote-mount fixed Charge-Air Cooler provides CAC heat transfer for many applications, including Roof and Basement mounted diesel engine systems, and isolated systems in the field.

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