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More information on the Kelvion selection software.

Kelvion RT Select software helps you to choose the right components from our extensive range of products.
You receive all information, technical specifications, calculation results and individually designed data sheets with prices for commercial and large commercial unit coolers as a print-out 
for submission. The program is very user friendly, available in several languages and is suitable for all operating conditions.


Since the introduction of “RT Select” in August 2017, the Product Configurator has been continuously expanded and optimized. The Web Configurator, is always up to date, without inconvenient updates and accessible from everywhere. All you need is an internet ready end device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone). The updates make design and selection of Kelvion Air Coolers, Condensers, Dry Coolers and spare parts easier and faster. We would appreciate your feedback on RT Select. Please give us your hints and suggestions to

Here you can view the most important changes:

RT Select 1.0.4 (issue date 12.04.2018):
2018 Pricelist
New variant V1.52 (variable speed EC-fan) for KDC. 

RT Select 1.0.3 (issue date 19.03.2018):
New options and variants for KDC:
Extended temperature range for KDC: air inlet temperature TL1 -25°C to + 20°C,
CAL? distributor option for KDC,
Further options for KDC: electric radiator, condensate pump, electric defrost for drip tray.
The processing speed has been increased for all products. 

RT Select 1.0.2 (issue date 09.01.2018):
New unit cooler series KDC for Direct Expansion incl. CO2 (45 / 90 bar) and brine
KDC replaces unit cooler comfort DP.

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