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29. March 2011 GEA plants for HVAC products with new management head

Beginning in April 2011, Constantin Carl will be in charge of all factories in the GEA HVAC area.
Beginning in April 2011, Constantin Carl will be in charge of all factories in the GEA HVAC area.

Herne, Germany, 29 March 2011 Beginning in April of this year, Constantin Carl (42) will be in charge of all GEA plants for HVAC products. In his new position, he will be responsible for the organization as well as the ongoing expansion of factories in the area of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) in the GEA Heat Exchangers Segment. The objective of his work over the medium and long terms will be to consolidate and to increase the GEA share of the core market in Europe, and to expand outside Europe.

Constantin Carl has contributed to the reorganization of the Segment. In his new assignment, he will succeed Wolf Hartmann, who has accepted new challenges outside the GEA Group. In his new position, Carl moves considerably closer to the production process itself – a field in which he is indeed at home.
Before his move to the GEA Group, he was responsible at Dynamit Nobel for the modernization of existing factories and the implementation of new production lines. At Nobel, he headed an international cluster of seven factories for production of injection-molded parts for the automotive industry.

In addition to this expertise, Constantin Carl can apply highly diverse capabilities, ranging from the fields of business development to sales. In his new assignment, he intends to apply his interdisciplinary modes of thinking: as economist – who also studied sociology and psychology at university – he is just as acquainted with precise calculation as with softer factors. In his consideration of the big picture – in this case, the production process – he will not lose sight of its essential components: the plants and his people. As Constantin Carl has stressed: “Our colleagues and their skills are among our strongest success factors – especially with production such as ours with heavily customer-oriented and even individualized manufacturing processes. It will therefore be my great pleasure to create an environment that not only meets market- and competition-driven requirements, but also in which my colleagues can at the same time optimally develop their knowledge and their experience.”

In his new function, Carl will work together closely with René van Rijsewijk, the head of the HVAC Business Unit. This will ensure that development, product management, sales, marketing, and production are harmoniously coordinated.

Whether consolidation or expansion is involved: in his business life, Constantin Carl – as socio-economist and father of a two-year-old son – places great emphasis on a maximum of synergies and consensus. But, in a literal sense, Carl is keen to duel, since he is a keen fencer in his time off. In contrast to this sport of tactics and his business life is his great enthusiasm for music. At the piano, he loves improvisation and variation and enjoys them to the fullest with classical motifs as well as with pop and jazz.

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