Delbag filters from GEA Air Treatment now with Eurovent certification

The Eurovent seal simplifies the selection of quality filters

27. October 2008 The Eurovent seal simplifies the selection of quality filters

Eurovent Certificat
Eurovent Certificat

Independent testing experts have thoroughly examined Class F5 to F9 fine-particulate air filters (in accordance with EN779:2002) from GEA Air Treatment. These specialists have confirmed the technical performance capacity of Delbag filters, and have awarded the coveted Eurovent Certificate to this product range. Customers highly esteem the Eurovent Certificate as reliable verification of quality that has been broadly accepted in the HVAC industry for years now, and that serves as a helpful guide in the selection of products.

A customer who is looking for an appropriate filter element for filtration equipment – for example, as a replacement of a supply-air filter in a central ventilation plant – will be confronted not only with an extensive choice of filter providers, but also with a great number of criteria. In a simplification of their selection processes, customers can trust suppliers that hold a Eurovent Certificate, without having to tediously compare brochure data and conformity with standards. This certificate confirms that brochure data are in fact implemented, and that the filters being offered conform to the pertinent body of regulations. The Eurovent Certificate is additionally an indication of high quality:  only companies that operate quality management in accordance with ISO 9000 are allowed to subject their systems to voluntary testing in accordance with Eurovent.

Eurovent specialists test fine-particulate air filters such as those from GEA Delbag with respect to filter class and initial pressure drop. Eurovent issues their certificate if their test results confirm the technical data provided by the manufacturer. If a company wishes to obtain this certificate, moreover, it must have all products in a category certified. This requirement prevents customers’ being deceived by one single “show” model that may be certified. The performance data being tested are available for inspection under in the Internet. Only those products listed on this Web page have currently been certified – which creates a maximum of transparency.

To ensure that buyers can trust the reliability of the Eurovent seal, filters are tested at intervals of one year. The laboratories that conduct these Eurovent tests have obtained the required accreditation and fulfil the stipulations of the international standard ISO 17025.

In addition to the fine-particulate air filters from GEA Air Treatment, GEA CAIR central air-handling units, GEA chillers, and GEA fan-coil units had already been awarded the coveted, triangular green seal of quality, as shown below.

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