Efficient exhaust-air scrubbing with structured packings

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19. June 2012 At the trade fair ACHEMA, GEA Heat Exchangers will present the new GEA 2H MASSdek® range for optimal mass transfer.


GEA 2H MASSdek® structured packings consist of plastic compounds. GEA employs a special extrusion process to produce profile-shaped sheets from these compounds. These sheets are welded together to form stable packages. They can be cut to size individually and accordingly be divided into single elements that are easy to handle and that can also be geometrically adapted to the requirements of the customer. The channels are arranged to allow flow in opposite directions. At their intersections, the gas and liquid flows are separated and then re-mixed – which assures optimal mass and heat transfer.

GEA 2H MASSdek® structured packings are available in the following materials: PE, PP, electrically conductive PP, PVC, and PVDF (other plastics are available upon request), with specific surfaces from 80 to 250 m2/m3. The standard packings are designed for gas capacity factors of up to 4.0 Pa^0.5, at typical liquid loading rates of approx. 25 m3/m2*h. GEA offers alternative packing types for greater gas capacity factors.

A patented procedure for reinforcing the sheets ensures that the GEA 2H MASSdek® packings offer especially great stability. As a result, they can withstand extreme mechanical forces of several tons per square meter. They can also be walked over without additional equipment – which simplifies handling, installation, and retrofitting, also in existing plants. The unique structural design here enables implementation of bed heights far in excess of 10 m.

The special surface structure of GEA 2H MASSdek® packings ensures that the channels are more resistant to solid deposits and longer able to be subject to hydraulic loads than is the case, for example, for conventional random packings. This increases process reliability.

Despite their great mechanical strength, the sheets in GEA 2H MASSdek® packings are flexible and easily fit the walls of the columns. Water is returned to the packings, and does not run down on the inside walls of the vessel. This eliminates the need for edge deflectors, and the wall effect is still minimized.

GEA offers 2H MASSdek® packings with ideally intercoordinated internals such as support grids, droplet separators, liquid distributors, and retention systems – in the form of a complete system entity for column installation. The column internals are available in plastic as well as in metal.

In contrast to scrubbers equipped with random packings, scrubbers with structured packings can be designed and built more compactly, and can be operated with greater energy efficiency. At comparable separation performance, the specific pressure drops are significantly less and allow additional increases in throughput capacity. These benefits reduce construction expenses and running operational costs.

Sales contact:
GEA 2H Water Technologies GmbH   
Kalscheurener Strasse 92 - 50354 Hürth
Phone +49-(0)2233 6999 525
Fax +49-(0)2233 6999 520

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