Exhaust gas recirculation by Kelvion reduces nitrogen oxide emissions from two- and four-stroke marine engines by one-fifth

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06. September 2016 To satisfy strict exhaust gas regulations, the exhaust of marine diesel engines must be aftertreated, or the engines must be designed from the very beginning for clean combustion by implementation of special design measures inside the engines. One of such interior engine measures is exhaust gas recirculation. This emission-reduction technique can be retrofitted and has proven successful for two- and four stroke diesel engines.

Kelvion Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler
Exhaust gas recirculation coolers for two- and four-stroke marine diesel engines.

Exhaust gas recirculation can reduce nitrogen oxide emission by up to 80 %. This technique succeeds only if the exhaust gases are first cooled before being mixed with the air of combustion. Exhaust-gas recirculation coolers from Kelvion transfer the heat extremely effectively to sea water, or to treated fresh water. For this purpose, these coolers feature finned-tube configurations and fin geometry that have been optimized for maximum efficiency by flow simulation. This minimizes fouling and clogging on the gas-side cooling surface, and the structures especially embossed on the surfaces of the ribs produce turbulence to enable the cooled gas to flow effectively through all areas of the heat exchanger. The result is enhanced heat transfer.

Kelvion exhaust gas recirculation coolers are manufactured from durable stainless steel that is resistant to the effects of temperature and corrosion. Two cooler solutions are available for four-stroke engines. The high-temperature model is designed for exhaust gas temperatures up to 700 °C, and the low-temperature version of the coolers, with downstream condensate drain, is designed for gas intake at a maximum of 200 °C.  

Kelvion also offers exhaust gas recirculation coolers for two-stroke diesel engines with medium and high performance ratings. With exhaust gas recirculation, these coolers lower NOx emissions up to 80 % for two-stroke diesels. Kelvion exhaust gas recirculation coolers for two-stroke engines are manufactured with extra corrosion protection, since the upstream pre-scrubber in the gas flow creates a greater corrosion risk in two-stroke diesel engines.


Kelvion at SMM, Hamburg, 6 to 9 September 2016, Hall A3/Stand A3.216

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