Finned tubes and structured packings: creative, innovative, and alternative

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24. March 2015 At ACHEMA 2015, GEA Heat Exchangers will present selected innovations for applications in processing industries. Highlights will include the new CW Tube elliptical finned tube, with which creative engineers have demonstrated that even tried-and-proven solutions can be re-designed for better and more efficient operation.

Example of use of CW Tube – GEA Heater
Example of use of CW Tube – GEA Heater

The new GEA 2H MASSdek® structured packings are also designed to achieve a maximum of cost effectiveness. They offer the chance to exploit many advantages as alternative to random packings in packing columns and gas scrubbers.

GEA 2H MASSdek® structured packings instead of random packings
Structured packings made of polypropylene – such as the GEA 2H MASSdek® by GEA Heat Exchangers – are an attractive alternative to random packings for use in packing columns and gas scrubbers, and as such allow many benefits. These packings offer outstanding gas and liquid distribution, operate with very low pressure drop, and maintain the original gas and liquid distribution – even with appreciable bed heights. In addition, structured packings, unlike random packings, feature a lesser share of horizontal surfaces and are characterized by absolutely uniform distribution of specific surface area throughout the column cross-section. These characteristics minimize the risk of clogging. The various versions of the GEA 2H MASSdek® allow matching the best model to the respectively required area of application. For all types, however, the sheets are welded with more than 10,000 to 20,000 welding spots per cubic meter. This produces stability and simplifies handling. GEA 2H MASSdek® packings, made of thermoplastic materials, are capable of carrying walking loads without additional support. Their forms remain stable over years and can be disposed of or recycled in environmentally friendly processes at the end of their service lives.

The CW Tube – an elliptical finned tube with pronounced efficiency gains
In industrial shop floors, blast furnaces, power-plant coolers, and industrial drying systems, elliptical finned tubes have been used for almost 100 years. Many believed that this type of tube had already reached the limit of its development. It had already achieved the advantages of aerodynamic benefits and of modest requirements for operating power on the air side. In ruggedness and reliability, these finned tubes have proved their effectiveness in countless heat exchangers. By applying the very latest methods of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and in close collaboration with the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences (Westfaelische Hochschule) in Gelsenkirchen (Germany), GEA Luftkühler GmbH in any case succeeded in providing its elliptical finned tubes for heat exchangers with significantly more efficient engineering design. The CW Tube, for which a patent has been filed, enables up to 25 % less heat exchange tubing, but with identical heat and output power ratings. Tests in wind tunnels have by now confirmed the CFD calculations carried out in simulation. The CW Tube offers the customer a range of benefits, in accordance with the engineering design of the heat exchanger or dryer: lower investment costs, more compact heat exchanger dimensions, lower energy consumption, and quieter fan operation.

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