GEA as turn-key solutions provider offers complete clean room solutions

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12. March 2015 GEA Heat Exchangers, with its extensive product portfolio, assures ultra-clean conditions at workstations and clean rooms. This product spectrum includes wall modules, window and door elements, units for filtration and ventilation, as well as staff air showers. GEA clean room solutions are designed for aseptic clinic environments as well as for industry: e.g., the sectors of life science, pharmaceuticals, aerospace technology, microelectronics, and semiconductor production.

GEA as turn-key solutions provider offers complete clean room solutions
GEA as turn-key solutions provider offers complete clean room solutions
GEA as turn-key solutions provider offers complete clean room solutions
GEA as turn-key solutions provider offers complete clean room solutions
GEA as turn-key solutions provider offers complete clean room solutions
GEA as turn-key solutions provider offers complete clean room solutions

GEA building elements for clean rooms
GEA Heat Exchangers offers a wide selection of dry construction modules for the implementation of individual clean rooms. Painted or stainless steel partition wall panels enable rooms with defined cleanliness classes; sight windows, single- or double doors, windows, and material airlocks open many design options. More stringent fire-protection classes or X-ray protection can be provided. Three different ceiling types are also available from GEA. Spaces above suspended ceilings offer room for systems providing lighting, ventilation, as well as filtration. GEA solutions with inwall lining elements enable conversion of existing conventional rooms to clean rooms. Accessory equipment is likewise available: lighting and ventilation control systems, LCD monitors, clocks, and X-ray viewers. In the planning of a clean room, in-house design software assigns each element project-specifically to a unique installation point – which enables simple and fast project execution and systems installation.

GEA Delbag HEPA filters
GEA Delbag HEPA filters from GEA Heat Exchangers use media consisting of pleated micro-fiberglass fleece. Aluminum spacers or the hot-melt production process hold the pleats apart at the required distances. The filter gaskets can be flat, half-round, or U-shaped – or, sealing can be provided by gel. The filters are available in Classes E10 to U17. Cascade configurations of various filters are possible, depending on the individual requirements.

GEA Fresh Heaven MAXX Laminar Air Flow Ceilings
The laminar airflow ceilings from the GEA Fresh Heaven MAXX series by GEA Heat Exchangers emit pure air uniformly, vertically, and with low turbulence into clean rooms. The large surface area of their HEPA filters enables only slight initial pressure drop. The material of these ceiling units is resistant to disinfectants. Integrated, linear LED luminaires provide excellent light. Optional systems include EC fans for circulating air mode, as well as a heat exchanger and an internal control unit in the equipment. Eleven different models are available for selection from the GEA Fresh Heaven MAXX range.

GEA CGF Ceiling Air Outlet
Thanks to their integrated HEPA filters, GEA CGF Ceiling Air Outlets from GEA Heat Exchangers remove particles of any kind, including microorganisms, from the air that they emit. Air entry can be horizontal, vertical, or at an angle. The airtight welded outlets are also designed to accommodate filters with gel sealing. An airtight-closing flap allows exchange of filters without contamination of the clean room.
GEA Fresh Breeze
The GEA Fresh Breeze filter-fan unit by GEA Heat Exchangers is installed in a suspended ceiling and serves for filtration and low-turbulence distribution of conditioned air in clean rooms. These light, corrosion-resistant units are designed for locally restricted clean room workstations and for the large-area ventilation of entire work areas. The casing of the filter-fan unit is made of aluminum or varnished aluminum. The installed HEPA filters (H13, H14, or U15) provide full-area filtration with low initial pressure drop, and maintenance-free, quiet EC fans enable low power consumption. Available options include various filter monitoring systems. Special models with condensate-free cooling functions by a heat exchanger and a pre-filter are also offered as options. One control system can supervise over 9,000 connected units by means of various control options.

GEA Air Shower
The GEA Air Showers by GEA Heat Exchangers have two or three tightly closing doors made of safety glass 8 mm thick. These doors cannot be opened at the same time, which means that they effectively isolate the clean room area from the surrounding environment. High-velocity and turbulent air flow effectively cleans personnel and their clothing. HEPA filters of Class H13 (with higher classes as options) and a pre-filter of class G4 ensures a particle-free air and are continuously monitored.

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