GEA CAIR pool for efficient climate control and dehumidification of indoor swimming pools

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12. March 2015 <i>pool</i> series from GEA Heat Exchangers provides top-efficiency technology for the climate control of large and small indoor swimming pools. The 13 model sizes in the series cover the entire spectrum of required applications: private indoor pools, wellness facilities and hotel pools, as well as public swimming pools and leisure centers.

The GEA CAIR®pool series provides efficient climate control and dehumidification for large and small indoor swimming pools.
The GEA CAIR®pool series provides efficient climate control and dehumidification for large and small indoor swimming pools.

GEA CAIR®pool is available with maximum air flow of 1,500 m³/h for the smallest model, up to approx. 36,000 m³/h for the largest. All models in the GEA CAIR®pool series satisfy hygienic directives as set forth in VDI 6022, as well as the future requirements applying to passive buildings (German Passivhaus stipulations). Three corrosion-protection categories are available, in accordance with the type of water in the intended pools: potable water, brine with salt water content up to 6 %, and thermal water in spa pools. To simplify installation in existing buildings, these models for the first time allow easy separation of the recuperator unit.

The new materials and the new engineering design of the GEA CAIR®pool models have resulted in significant lowering of susceptibility to corrosion, and in reduction of the risk of emission of pollutants into the pool area. Both for restoration work and for newly constructed pools, facility operators profit from reduced power consumption: up to approx. 45 % less than with conventional equipment. These cost savings result from efficiency gains offered by the following advanced CAIR®pool components: EC fans, inverter-controlled compressors, electronic expansion valves, and a new control strategy.

With regard to various application and installation situations, the operator has a selection among the following for heat recovery: multistage recuperators in the form of symmetrical double-plate heat exchangers, Power Tubes, and liquid-coupled heat exchangers. The double-plate heat exchangers exceed the requirements of Energy Efficiency Class H1. Power Tubes represent especially space-saving heat recovery technology that can be particularly suitable in cases of replacement investment. The liquid-coupled heat exchanger system enables effective heat recovery, even in cases of separate installation of supply- and extract-air units.

The comfort functions of heating or cooling are available as options. If requested, it is likewise possible to enable using the units to heat pool water or fresh water for building use.

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