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21. June 2007 L|plus| design software determines the Eurovent classification for central air-handling equipment

Lplus guides our customers quickly to their customized system: configuration proposals in this design software provide effective support in building their optimal system.
Lplus guides our customers quickly to their customized system: configuration proposals in this design software provide effective support in building their optimal system.

plus design software calculates the Eurovent energy classification for GEA CAIR central air-handling equipment. As a result, GEA has been the first – and, until now, the only, company in Europe to satisfy the upcoming stipulations of the Eurovent Compliance Committee for Air Handling Units. This association expects that all members, beginning on 1 January 2008, not only classify their central air-handling equipment with use of the Eurovent label, but that they also already indicate the energy classification by means of the design software used for this equipment.

The Eurovent label for central air-handling systems distinguishes among 3 energy-efficiency classes – i.e., A, B, and C – whereby A signifies high efficiency and C designates the lowest class. Members of Eurovent must provide this labelling classification for their central air-handling equipment, which is a procedure similar to that for energy labels for white household goods, and for split climate-control systems, in that it provides a reference point for operating costs. Whereas refrigerators, for example, involve a finished standard product, central air-handling systems must be individually configured for practically every new project, and their energy efficiency must be calculated on a one-off basis.

Wolf Hartmann, Managing Director of GEA Happel Klimatechnik GmbH, explains as follows: “The label may well sit there in all is glory on the finished product, but this is no help for energy-efficient planning. Calculation of the efficiency classes by the design software, on the other hand, gives decision-makers a reliable indication before ordering of how economically their desired unit will operate with their resources.” If the intended efficiency class is not reached, the software user can possibly still optimize his unit: e.g., by selection of another energy recuperation system, or of another fan unit. For the GEA unit configured in Lplus, this software will then determine the associated Eurovent classification, in real time. In the background, the program will make use of 3 criteria:  the air velocity inside the cross-section, the heat-recovery coefficient of the energy recuperation system, as well as the power consumption of the fan.

There is an additional standpoint from which Lplus design software likewise makes it easier for the user to dimension his individual air-handling unit:  this is because a number of standard configurations have already been filed for GEA CAIR. The user can therefore select the equipment configuration that most nearly coincides with his personal requirements. He can then modify this configuration as needed – and at the turn of a hand the result is a customized central air-handling system. Individual configuration is likewise possible, beginning, so to speak, from the front plate.

Our customers can request GEA’s Lplus CDs for Microsoft Windows® free of charge, by writing to

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