Heat exchanger with a “double bottom”

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11. September 2013 GEA Heat Exchangers at the trade fair EP Shanghai, in China, from October 30 to November 1, 2013, at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Stand 1N15

GEA Double-Tube Safety Heat Exchanger (DTSHX)
GEA Double-Tube Safety Heat Exchanger (DTSHX)
GEA Transformer-Oil Water Cooler (Skid)
GEA Transformer-Oil Water Cooler (Skid)

GEA Double-Tube Safety Heat Exchangers (DTSHX)
GEA Double-Tube Safety Heat Exchangers feature double-tube bundles that are provided with two tube sheets at each end. If one tube wall develops a leak, the product (fluid) flows through fine ducts arranged between the concentrically configured dual tubes, and into a leak collection chamber, where it triggers an alarm. The second intact wall keeps the product separate from the second medium. The heat exchanger may therefore continue operation, without down time, until the next-scheduled regular maintenance. Various materials can be combined for the sheathing and for the inner and outer tubes of the Double-Tube Safety Heat Exchanger (DTSHX). Use of the most suitable materials enables various media to be cooled, heated, condensed, or evaporated. GEA Double-Tube Safety Heat Exchangers are effective for operational pressures ranging from vacuum applications up to more than 300 bar, and for temperatures below –150 °C to over 350 °C, depending on the models selected.

GEA Transformer-Oil Water Coolers with double tubes
The transfer of heat in high- and ultra-high-voltage transformers demands a high level of safety, performance, and oil-temperature control in large power transformers. A critical part of any such transformer is the oil surrounding the transformer winding. The heat losses in the winding directly affect the efficiency and the lifetime of the transformer. GEA has manufactured transformer cooling systems in a wide variety of designs for more than 80 years. GEA Heat Exchangers (China) Co., Ltd is fully dedicated to supplying the full range of transformer cooling systems, including transformer-oil air coolers, transformer-oil water coolers, and transformer-oil pumps. GEA Double-Tube Transformer-Oil Water Coolers are first choice for cooling oil in generator transformers at hydroelectric power plants and at pumped-storage power stations. Transformers installed at one of the world’s largest hydroelectric power projects are cooled by GEA Double-Tube Transformer-Oil Water Coolers – safely and reliably for more than ten years now. Thanks to their highly efficient double-tube design, GEA Transformer-Oil Water Coolers are capable of dissipating heat losses up to 2,000 kW and more. For the tubes containing water, various material combinations are available. Their selection will depend on the specific water quality to prevent damage and to assure a long lifetime of the transformer cooling system.

Sales contacts:
GEA Renzmann & Grünewald GmbH
Product Line Double Tube Systems
Rui Hu
Phone: +86 21 61960127

GEA Heat Exchangers (China) Co., Ltd
Product Line Transformer Cooling Systems
Philip Wang
Phone: +86 21 61960130

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