Neat and clean: climate-control technology from GEA Heat Exchangers

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06. February 2015 Neat and clean: climate-control technology from GEA Heat Exchangers

GEA Air Shower
GEA Air Shower
GEA Air Shower
GEA Air Shower

Economy pros: GEA COM4plus and ATpicco with new heat recovery
The compact air handling units from the GEA COM4plus series and their flat cousins from the GEA ATpicco series are now available with even more efficient heat recovery. They enable heat recovery up to 90 % and more as a result of counterflow heat exchangers – together with low pressure drop. Customers who count on a compact air handling unit such as the COM4plus (up to 9,200 m³/h), or the GEA ATpicco flat units (up 2,400 m³/h with new heat recovery technology, and suitable for wall, ceiling, or floor installation), will enjoy not only the function of the “major” GEA air handling units, but inside technology that is just as efficient.

More air, and less energy consumption: dehumidifying indoor swimming pools with the GEA CAIR®pool
GEA CAIR®pool swimming-pool climate-control units save up to approx. 45 % power compared to conventional alternatives. This is possible owing to their completely new internal configuration and to more efficient components: including EC fans, inverter-controlled compressors, electronic expansion valves, dual recuperators with heat-recovery of 87 %, and a new control strategy. GEA CAIR®pool is available with maximum air flow of 1,500 m³/h for the smallest model, and up to 36,000 m³/h for the largest.

Multi-faceted: GEA compact heat exchangers
Compact GEA finned-tube heat exchangers reveal just how multi-faceted the transfer of thermal energy can be: they are employed as heating and cooling banks in air handling units, in air-heat pumps, and in dryers. They serve, for example, for heat dissipation in mining operations and for cooling in heavy industry. Three finned-tube systems; various fin profiles, thicknesses, and subdivisions; various materials; and additional benefits enable optimal matching of these models to each individual process. At ISH, GEA Heat Exchangers will show selected products from its portfolio of compact heat exchangers.

For especially-clean air: GEA Fresh Breeze und GEA Air Shower
With its product series GEA Fresh Breeze and GEA Air Shower, GEA Heat Exchangers intends to define new standards in clean-room technology. The GEA Fresh Breeze filter-fan unit provides low-turbulence supply of filtered air. As options, these models are also available with cooling functions. They are ideally suited both for uses at locally limited clean-room workplaces, as well as for large-area ventilation of work areas. To ensure that clean rooms and the outside world are cleanly separated, GEA Air Showers provide the required personal air locks. Strong and turbulent streams of air remove dust and contaminated particles when employees pass through these air showers.

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