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04. October 2010 Germany’s operative GEA companies for ventilation, filter, and climate-control technology now trade under the new company GEA Air Treatment GmbH

Effective from 1 October 2010, seven German GEA companies from the area of HVAC and filter technology trade under the name GEA Air Treatment GmbH. This change in name affects the sales organization GEA Happel Klimatechnik as well as the service provider GEA Happel Service; the filter specialists GEA Delbag-Lufttechnik, GEA Delbag Luftfilter Vertriebsgesellschaft, and GEA Deichmann Umwelttechnik; in addition to GEA Air Treatment Services and GEA Air Treatment Marketing Services.

This change in trading name under corporate law is one consequence of the reorganization of GEA Group. At the beginning of this reorganization, the Business Unit HVAC Systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) was integrated into the new Segment GEA Heat Exchangers. This change in name will have no effect on the areas of activity of the individual companies, or on the contact partners available for our customers. As a result, customers will, now as before, be able to approach their familiar contact persons.

Not only will the personal contact remain unchanged:  the established brands will continue to be used as before. As Rene van Rijsewijk, President of the Business Unit HVAC Systems, assures:  “Many of our customers still say today, for example, that they have ‘bought from Happel,’ or that they employ ‘Delbag filters.’ We would like to continue to use these old, traditional brand designations in our product names, or in additions to company names.”

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