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05. September 2012 At SMM GEA is featuring exhaust gas recirculation coolers for large diesel engines. Compact design using high-efficiency fin tube systems, corrosion resistance even against aggressive gases and extreme temperature stability up to 700 °C – with its fully welded exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR), GEA Maschinenkühltechnik is featuring a new generation of coolers for large diesel engines in the shipping industry at SMM in Hamburg, Hall 3/Stand 212 to achieve sustainable reductions in NOx emissions.

EGR exhaust gas recirculation cooler
EGR exhaust gas recirculation cooler

The international provisions of the IMO call for a radical reduction in pollutant emissions from shipping in stages by 80% by the year 2016. As a powerful technology partner for the marine sector the EGR Cooler unit by GEA provides an important and efficient engineering solution for reducing nitrogen oxides.

The compact and easy-maintenance system can cool the exhaust gas temperature from a maximum of 700°C reliably down to 50°C before the exhaust gases are added to the combustion air. This causes a sustainable reduction in NOx emissions during the combustion process.

The compact heat exchanger is made of temperature-resistant and corrosion-proof stainless steel. The fin tube system is integrated into the water case and features a newly developed fin geometry to minimize impurity sensitivity and ensure that there is always sufficient turbulence.

Gas and water connections are configured individually to the customer’s specifications. This means that the new heat exchanger can also be retrofitted to existing large diesel engines without any problems. The exhaust gas recirculation cooler can be simply disconnected for maintenance purposes, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing the time required.

The EGR is designed as a modular system and offered in two variants. The high-temperature EGR unit offers reliable resistance against high temperatures of up to 700°C. The low-temperature EGR unit is designed for a gas inlet temperature of up to 200°C used in combination with a downstream condensate separator to reliably protect downstream engine components from corrosion and reduce the number of particles in the exhaust gas recirculated to the combustion air.

Technical contact:
GEA Maschinenkühltechnik GmbH
Dietmar Krauss
Südstraße 48
44625 Herne - Germany
Phone +49 (0)2325 468 819

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