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09. September 2004 The newly developed GEA MATRIX control system now supports all units from GEA Air Treatment – for simplification of installation and enhancement of comfort.


The times are long gone when every model type required its own control system. Following its new development of GEA MATRIX, GEA Happel Klimatechnik GmbH, from Herne, Germany, presents a control system that supports all air-conditioning and ventilation models supplied by the company. This advance offers a number of benefits for installation companies, investors, and users alike. The selection of the appropriate control components is now simpler, and the uniform concept enables intuitive commissioning and operation. New operator control units, with displays that feature plain text and pictograms, support the user in setting the desired room climate. And it’s not only faster installation that provides relief for the user’s budget: thanks to function-oriented selection, the user pays only for the control functions actually required.

Project planners and installation companies find that our choice of components is simple: thanks to the combination possibilities, GEA MATRIX offers a high degree of flexibility and security in component selection. GEA MATRIX now recognizes only five different groups of components: operator-control units allow setting of desired values, and provide information on essential system operating states. Electronic control modules compare desired and actual values, control and monitor the equipment, and react to external influencing events. The power circuitry of these units converts control signals from this closed-loop electronic system into switching commands. Global modules are available for expansion of functionality. These modules receive control signals, activate actuators from the pump to the chiller, and enable interfacing to external systems such as the building management system. Finally, service tools – as compact manual devices or as handy PC software – serve for smooth commissioning, parameterizing, and systems analysis.

The selection of GEA MATRIX components is oriented to the desired functions. What’s not needed doesn’t have to be bought – and this benefit allows cost-favourable and project related design of the technical systems. And if requirements later change – as a result of facilities expansion, for example – GEA MATRIX grows right along with the expanding plant. The modular configuration ensures success and cost-effectiveness in installing and expanding GEA MATRIX, which in turn guarantees the safety of the investment.

This assurance of effective expansion is also possible to great degree by the application of innovative bus technology. Stand-alone data exchange among the units, the possibility of hooking up more than 320 bus users, and open interfaces such as LON and WEB – these are only a few of the key features of GEA MATRIX. In operation, this means, for example, that the operator control unit automatically recognizes the unit to which it is installed – and it then provides only the required dialogues. The system transmits acquired actual values (such as outdoor temperature) over the network and provides them to all connected devices. In addition, GEA is now preparing to launch remote maintenance via Internet and Intranet, as well as autonomous reporting of malfunctions and maintenance information by email, fax, and SMS.

With the innovative control concept of GEA MATRIX, installation, operator control, and service software are identical for all applica-tions and types of equipment. Installation and configuration both follow the same sequence. The terminal designations, for example, are identical for all system components: which saves time during commissioning of the system, and enables fast and systematic instruction of the customer in the control functions. The users of GEA MATRIX have no trouble in learning how to use the system, since settings at the operator-control stations are all made according to the same principle. And this also means that finding the most comfortable room climate is even simpler and easier.

The control stations of the new GEA MATRIX series assure an added measure of operator-control convenience. Versions with built-in displays support users in making settings with plain text and with pictograms. These displays call attention to system parameter readings and to any malfunctions.

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