Industrial Radiators

Customized for each and every industrial Application

Customized Compact Radiators offer a rugged and reliable design. They have been in use with us for more than 40 years in all types of industrial applications. They are suitable for diesel applications in which particular specifications are applied.

Kelvion Customized Radiator
Kelvion Customized Radiator

Price and lead time are based on design specifications. An infinite variety of subcontracted items can be ordered specifically for each contact. Very large fans driven by gear transmission or V-belts and pulleys, with possibility of installation in forced-draft configuration, are available to meet very quiet noise requirements and to enable very low power consumption.

Bay configurations are available; they consist of two large bundles installed side by side, overlapped by two large fans. Such configurations are regularly used in diesel engine power plants. Any components available from us or from external suppliers can be installed. We offer S32 and S40, with tube diameters of 12 or 16 mm and with the materials copper, steel or stainless steel. Any design and manufacturing codes can be applied - such as ASME, Codap, AD, etc. - also to meet all requirements, including those of nuclear specifications.

  • Customized design to meet each and every specific requirement
  • Suitable for nuclear applications (emergency gensets), with conformity to the applicable codes
  • Use of advanced specific thermodynamic and mechanical design programs


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